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📥 Newsletter Writer

Role Overview

We are currently accepting applications for the Volunteer Newsletter Writer position. As a Newsletter Writer at A.I. For Anyone, you will have the opportunity to write content for our bi-weekly newsletter, All About AI, to 35,000+ readers!

Organizational Background

A.I. For Anyone is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of New York City, focused on increasing artificial intelligence (AI) literacy. Our organization’s mission is to empower underserved high schoolers to gain a fundamental understanding of AI, so they can help have a voice in public policy and have a better understanding of the rapidly changing job market.


You will be working directly with the Director of Content to create content for bi-weekly newsletters. Specific responsibilities of the Newsletter Writer can be tailored to the interests of the individuals who fill this role, but here are some examples of what you can choose from:

  • Interview and feature AI projects / research
  • Synthesize current events in the world of AI to our readers in layman’s terms
  • Share exciting A.I. For Anyone news, upcoming events and resources with our readers
  • Curate our weekly AI jokes!
  • Help manage newsletter publishing pipeline directly in our email marketing platform
  • Work with social media and design team to boost reader engagement


  • Can deliver content on a strict biweekly schedule
  • Strong writing, research, and communication skills
  • Enthusiasm about newsletters and content creation
  • Experience OR strong interest in digital media
  • Interest in STEM education
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Passionate about helping underserved youth through media

What You'll Gain

  • Experience writing about technical subjects
  • Deep understanding of what fuels a successful newsletter
  • Knowledge and connections in the budding artificial intelligence and tech space!

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