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šŸ¤– AI Educational Programs Lead

Role Overview

We are currently accepting applications for the AIĀ Educational Programs Lead position. As the Programs Lead, you will get the opportunity to own the development and execution of our AIĀ educational programs, as well as help run broader initiatives that drive our mission.

Organizational Background

A.I. For Anyone is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of New York City, focused on increasing artificial intelligence (AI) literacy. Our organizationā€™s mission is to empower underserved high schoolers to gain a fundamental understanding of AI, so they can help have a voice in public policy and have a better understanding of the rapidly changing job market.


  • Create a plan and roadmap for our AI educational program
  • Lead the development of engaging and informative workshops with the help of experts and partners
  • Build a workshop team to scale the workshop content strategy
  • Drive initiatives at the executive level that help push the overall mission of the organization


  • Strong knowledge of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence
  • Ability to break down complicated topics into digestible content for a broad audience
  • Experience with engaging a variety of stakeholders to drive projects
  • Experience with owning and driving initiatives with minimal direction and oversight
  • Passionate about helping underserved youth

What You'll Gain

  • Strong network within the artificial intelligence community
  • Experience being a key member of an executive team

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