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Meet the ai4a team


Talha Rafique

Head of Podcast

Los Angeles, CA

⚡️ Quick Bio

Talha is the Head of Podcast at A.I. For Anyone. He is a Junior studying Computer Science at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He is passionate about the arts and has done numerous projects in the photography and film space for clients in the sports space from media companies such as overtime to schools such as USC and Sierra Canyon HS. He runs his own podcast as well, “The Inspired Muslim” and through these artistic adventures tries to find the bridge between art and STEM.

🎓 Which school(s) did you attend?

Sierra Canyon High School, University of Southern California

💼 What is your job outside of AI4A?

Computer Science

🤖 Why does AI4A's mission resonate with you?

Switching to the STEM field from an artistic background was a wild ride for me. There were not may resources showcasing all the areas of STEM that could be explored by a computer science student. I believe there needs to be a future readiness resource that can highlight and show who or what the biggest movers in the tech world are, whether it be a company or technology. I believe AI4A has the ability to showcase what the future of technology holds, and also provide a certain level of introduction into those topics.

🎉 What is a fun fact about you?

I love sugar…way too much…like wayyyyy too much.

🤗 What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love photography and film and continuously participate in projects, I’m an avid learner of religion and am currently memorizing the Quran, I love sports and used to play 3 at a division 1 level in high school.

🧐 Where can folks learn more about you?

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