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Meet the ai4a team


Mac McMahon

Co-founder, Director of Grants

Allentown, Pennsylvania

⚡️ Quick Bio

Mac is currently the Head of IT and Program Instructor at a small Nonprofit that is dedicated to teaching youth life lessons through bicycles. Mac is also currently pursuing a degree in IST from Penn State.

🎓 Which school(s) did you attend?

Penn State

💼 What is your job outside of AI4A?

Head of IT at Community Bike Works

🤖 Why does AI4A's mission resonate with you?

AI is going to fundamentally change our world in so many ways, I want to help do my part to make sure that AI helps our world change for the better.

🎉 What is a fun fact about you?

I've traveled to 41 states

🤗 What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Hiking, playing tennis, riding my bike, traveling, AI, blockchain, AR/VR, video games

🧐 Where can folks learn more about you?

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