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Meet the ai4a team


Syeda Fatima Binte Aziz

Head of Brand

Peshawar, Pakistan

⚡️ Quick Bio

Syeda Fatima is the Head of Brand at A.I. for Anyone. She is a recent high school graduate and plans on majoring in economics, data science and public policy at college. On a typical day, you can find Fatima watching reruns of Masterchef in the background while creating graphics for AI4A or researching about the Durand line economy.

🎓 Which school(s) did you attend?

💼 What is your job outside of AI4A?

Data, Economics and Development Policy

🤖 Why does AI4A's mission resonate with you?

In my part of the world, computer science textbooks meant for high school students talk about floppy disks and MS-paint. The world has changed drastically in terms of tech in the past few decades but third-world countries still find themselves stuck in a time-warp. With all the hard work and incredible resources at A.I. For Anyone, I’m hopeful that the next-generation of Pakistanis will at least have access to the basic understanding of artificial intelligence, and its impact on their lives.

🎉 What is a fun fact about you?

I’m amblyopic so I’m required to wear a pirate-like eyepatch most of the time. Aye, aye Captain vibes.

🤗 What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I’m a total nerd when it comes to analyzing Jordan Peele’s movies frame-by-frame. I’m also very passionate about the culinary arts, especially too-pretty-to-eat desserts; I’m always in my kitchen whipping out 3-layer cakes out of a tiny toaster oven.

🧐 Where can folks learn more about you?

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