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Meet the ai4a team


Fareena Khan

Marketing Manager

Cincinnati, Ohio

⚡️ Quick Bio

Fareena Khan is a freshman in computer science at The University of Cincinnati and the Marketing Manager at A.I. For Anyone. She is an INTERalliance Leadership Council Member and has participated in many other nonprofits. While following her interests and taking every opportunity to give back to the community, she has found to have a fierce ambition for the STEM field and has strong aspirations for future generations to be involved in science.

🎓 Which school(s) did you attend?

University of Cincinnati

💼 What is your job outside of AI4A?

Computer Science

🤖 Why does AI4A's mission resonate with you?

AI is soon going to be part of every aspect of our lives so why not become a part of the future and leave a footprint? And what could be better than to spread knowledge through a nonprofit like A.I For Anyone? It is a great way to invest in our future and make sure everyone has a chance at leaving their own footprint.

🎉 What is a fun fact about you?

My guilty pleasure includes the s’mores flavored insomnia cookies.

🤗 What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love to take + edit pictures, travel, volunteer, shop, vlog, spend time with family, read, and annoy my younger brother.

🧐 Where can folks learn more about you?

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