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Thumbs Up News: A Place to Get Only Positive News

June 6, 2020

Q: What is Thumbs Up News?

A: Thumbs Up News is a place to get only positive news. I've trained a Sentiment Analysis Classifier to classify the title and description of a news article and get the general sentiment of that article. If the classifier checks that an article is positive, it will be included on the website. Anything negative wouldn't be included.

This project was built 85% live on Twitch and I've used a lot of things for the first time - it's using scrappy to get the news from RSS feeds, Django for the backend and Next.js for the frontend. Then it's being served from a DigitalOcean Droplet / server with Docker Compose and NGINX.

You can read about the project and everything that I've used on the about page and if you are curious about the code, the repository is public on my GitHub profile.

My goal for this project is to bring positivity to folks, especially during these times. It often feels like bad news are much more amplified than the good ones. It's difficult to find some positive news. So here you go!

Author Bio:

"Hello, I'm Fabio, a Portuguese expat living in the United Kingdom and working as a Flight Attendant.

I've always loved technology and have been a self-taught developer for the last 4 years. My long term goal is to stop flying and become a full-time developer.

I enjoy working on different projects, contributing to open source and learning new technologies. I've recently started live streaming coding related things on Twitch and like to build projects on my channel -  TheFlyingDev.  

You can find more of my writings and projects are done on my portfolio - https://fabiorosado.dev and you can also follow me on Twitter at @FabioRosado_ I'm always happy to chat and connect with other folks."

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