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CNBC: These young immigrant brothers are teaching A.I. to high-schoolers for free: We want to give kids ‘a lucky break’

July 20, 2020

Since 20-something brothers Haroon and Hamza Choudery immigrated to Brooklyn, New York, from from rural Pakistan in 1998, their lives have been changed by technology in both amazing and devastating ways. On one hand, technology provides a nice living for the brothers: Haroon, 26, has a well-paying AI job at a healthcare company, and Hamza, 24, works at WeWork.

On the other, they have seen loved ones, like their uncle, face devastation at the hands of the tech industry. This whiplash — technology launching their careers while devastating their elder — inspired the brothers to launch a nonprofit called A.I. for Anyone with their close friend, Mac McMahon. Both in the classroom and online, A.I. for Anyone teaches students the basics of artificial intelligence, increases awareness of AI’s role in society, and shows how the technology can be used.

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