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Aletheia: Combating Disinformation with ML

February 21, 2020

Q: What is Aletheia?

A: "Aletheia was a project we worked on to combat disinformation. Instead of trying to come up with strong definitions of what is “the truth”, we chose to instead focus on the idea of alternative facts. To help people see a broader picture for a particular problem. The way we did this was by allowing people to link similar/opposing/broader articles to any one they were currently reading. An example of this might be reading the Washington post and linking a Fox News article that might contain an alternative view on an issue supported by another set of facts."

Q: Where does AI come in to all of this?

A: "Since Aletheia was designed to be a chrome extension that people could use to easily view alternative perspectives on an issue and share any they might feel aren’t being represented, we needed a way to represent long-form articles in a smaller format. Hence, we used ML to come up with a summarizer for articles, while the current implementation picks the most important line from every paragraph and then based on the number of lines requested (arbitrarily set to 1), sends the X most important lines of the sentence back to the user. Eventually, our goal would be to use developments in the field of NLP to create a summarizer that can read an article and generate its own summary from it."

Author Bios:

Hi, I’m Krrish Dholakia! A 3rd year CS major @ Georgia Tech. Currently I’m working on a nascent yet fast-growing trip planning platform (Listcle.com) [email me @ kdholakia8@gatech.edu if you’re interested in it, we’re always looking to add enthusiastic people to our team!].

Daniel Grimshaw is a recent alumni from UC Berkeley and is currently an Engineer at Zumper.

Thank you for sharing this with us, Krrish and Daniel! If you are currently a student and also working on projects in the field of AI, reach out to me at charmaine.lee@aiforanyone.org and let’s chat! We would love to feature your work.

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